Advanced Service Technician

Advanced Service Technician

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A comprehensive 45-60 hour blended (online and in-class) training designed to provide service professionals with the knowledge and skills to service residential pools and spas, including equipment installation, maintenance, and repair. 

To earn an AST®  Certification, a student must successfully complete the following seven online courses, attend the classroom session(s), and pass the certification exam.

Advanced Service Technician™ Online Courses:

  • Introduction
  • Fundamentals
  • Management
  • Managing Risk
  • Workplace Safety
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Installation & Repair

Purchase of this course includes online coursework with accompanying Resource Guides, Pool & Spa Operator™ Handbook, Classroom Session, and certification fee!

Meets Florida 60 hour course requirements (CILB provider # 0003702 and course # 0612551).

  1. Introduction – Gives an overview of the AST® Certification program. 
  2. Fundamentals – Delivers comprehensive education for pool and spa service technicians on water treatment procedures, including methodology for maintaining proper disinfection levels and water balance.
  3. Management – Covers management training, including responsibilities associated with operating a service company, and focusing on customer service and building client relationships.
  4. Managing Risk – Provides instruction on identifying hazards present in service technician work environments and risk mitigation techniques, including hazard exposure reduction.
  5. Workplace Safety – Presents the importance of workplace safety and how that impacts both employees and the public, risk mitigation techniques, and helps meet OSHA compliance training.
  6. Routine Maintenance – Details how to perform maintenance procedures for circulation systems, filters, chemical application systems, automatic chemical controllers, heaters, and pool cleaning systems.
  7. Installation & Repair – Delivers instruction on the installation, service, and repair of circulation pumps, filters, chemical application systems, automatic controllers, heaters, pool cleaning systems, and underwater lighting; along with leak detection and electrical safety.
  8. Classroom Session – Teaches you through in-person instruction on different structure types, finishes, and local codes. The classroom session concludes with a comprehensive certification exam. Meets Florida 60 hour course requirements CILB# 0612551.