Construction Planning, Equipment, and Methods 8th Edition

Construction Planning, Equipment, and Methods 8th Edition


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By Robert Peurifoy and Clifford J. Schexnayder and Aviad Shapira and Robert Schmitt
Copyright: 2011

The Eighth Edition of Construction Planning, Equipment and Methods follows in the footsteps of the previous editions by providing the reader with the fundamentals of machine utilization and production estimating in a logical, simple and concise format.

This text is aimed at supporting a basic undergraduate construction equipment course that is part of an engineering curriculum. It is also applicable to graduate equipment courses. In addition, since technology is constantly evolving, this text provides an understanding of machine capabilities and how to properly apply those capabilities to construction challenges.

Chapter 1: Machines Make it Possible
Chapter 2: Equipment Economics
Chapter 3: Planning for Earthwork Construction
Chapter 4: Soil and Rock
Chapter 5: Compaction and Stabilization Equipment
Chapter 6: Mobile Equipment Power Requirements
Chapter 7: Dozers
Chapter 8: Scrapers
Chapter 9: Excavators
Chapter 10: Trucks and Hauling Equipment
Chapter 11: Finishing Equipment
Chapter 12: Drilling Rock and Earth
Chapter 13: Blasting Rock
Chapter 14: Aggregate Production
Chapter 15: Asphalt Mix Production and Placement
Chapter 16: Concrete and Concrete Equipment
Chapter 17: Cranes
Chapter 18: Piles and Pile-Driving Equipment
Chapter 19: Air Compressors and Pumps
Chapter 20: Forming Systems
Chapter 21: Planning for Building Construction
Appendix A – Alphabetical List of Units with Their SI Names and Conversion Factors
Appendix B – Selected English-to-SI Conversion Factors
Appendix C – Selected U.S. Customary (English) Unit Equivalents
Appendix D – Selected Metric Unit Equivalents


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