GITS Business Procedures Exam Book Set

GITS Business Procedures Exam Book Set (County - Florida)

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GITS Business Procedures Exam is required for all first-time County Contractor License Applicants in addition to taking the trade exam. The GITS Business Procedures Book Set for County Contractors includes the following books:

    1. Business Procedures Reference Manual for Florida Contractors, GITS LLC, 3rd Ed. 
    2. Code of Federal Regulations - Title 29, Part 1926 (OSHA)

      Exam Prep course not included. May be purchased separately

      The GITS Business Procedures Exam for County Contractors has 50 questions and a time limit of 2 hours. The GITS Business Procedures Exam covers: 

      • Insurance Laws
      • Tax Laws
      • Safety 
      • Management
      • Lien Laws
      • Employment Laws
      • General Accounting