NSF 50 - 2016a Equipment for Swimming Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs and other Recreational Water Facilities


NSF/ANSI 50-2016a: Equipment for Swimming Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs and Other Recreational Water Facilities covers the materials, components, products, equipment, and systems that relate to public and residential recreational water facility operation. As there a multitude of options in these categories, the standard focuses on a wide range of interests, addressing issues such as swimming pool treatment chemicals, corrosion, filters, barriers, recessed automatic surface skimmers, and heaters, just to name a few.

NSF/ANSI 50-2016a has undergone several changes that differentiate it from the previous edition of the standard. These alterations include:

• Changes to the skimmer performance test procedure.

• Change of turbidity tolerance. • The upper limit of challenge organisms was removed.

• Language was added to specify that the Hydrostatic pressure test in Section 11.3 should be performed on the same sample as the test in Section 11.2.

• Updated requirements for pump voltage. • Modified test procedure for automated controllers. • Column titles updated for consistency.

• Discrepancies corrected.

• 4 oxidation reduction potential (ORP) sensors are now required.

As previously alluded to, swimming pools are subject to an assortment of standards and codes, which provide integral guidance on the many materials and processes incorporated into their end use. NSF/ANSI 50-2016a is important to the operation of swimming pools, spas, hot tubs, and other recreational water facilities, but there are many other pool-focused standards that remain key to their reliability.

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