NSPF Certified Pool Operator Fusion Course Only

NSPF Certified Pool Operator Fusion Course Only

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Want to know if you have enough knowledge to take a CPO course?

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Certified Pool/Spa Operator© Certification

What you get:

  1. Highlights for the state, county , and CPO exam in the Classroom Fusion portion
  2. Admission to the Fusion class which contains 4-6 more hours of instruction(depending on the student)
    • 1 hr Highlighting the book
    • 30 minutes Swimming Pool Safety
    • 1 hr State & Local Codes
    • 30 minute Review & Practice Questions
    • 2 hr Other mandatory chapters not covered in the online course

There is a 3 hour time limit for the Final Exam which consists of 60 questions, which you will need to answer 45 correct to pass.

If you do not pass the exam, you may retake the test 1 more time without having to repeat the course (Free of Charge)

The online course has a 99% first time pass rate as opposed to the "Traditional" 2 day, 16 hour classroom course which only has a 75% first time pass rate.

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