Principles & Practices of Commercial Construction, 9th Edition


By Cameron K. Andres, Ronald C. Smith, W. Ronald Woods
Published by Pearson
Published Date: Jan 3, 2013


This up-to-date and practical text offers a complete and well-rounded approach to modern construction principles and practices. Each chapter, while complementary to other chapters, can be taught on a standalone basis, maximizing instructional flexibility in diverse construction, architecture, and engineering courses. PRINCIPLES & PRACTICES OF COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION, 9/e shows how to apply design theory to the final constructed process, and provides crucial working knowledge for all contractors who must effectively manage subcontractors. Progressing from basic through advanced material, it enables students to follow design specifications through a complete project. Since this text is on the approved reference list for numerous states that require contractors to pass licensing exams, it offers even more value for students who may need to pass these exams later. This edition's enhancements include improved chapter organization; a new introductory chapter; and valuable new coverage of Proctor curves.

Table of Contents

1    The Practice of Commercial Construction  

2    Site Evaluation and Layout   

3    Site Development and Services  

4    Excavations and Excavating Equipment  

5    Foundations  

6    Formwork  

7    Concrete Work  

8    Reinforced Concrete Frame  

9    Structural Timber Frame  

10    Structural Steel Frame  

11    Floor Systems and Industrial Flooring  

12    Roof Systems and Industrial Roofing  

13     Masonry Construction  

14    Curtain Wall Construction  

15    Building Insulation  

16    Finishing  


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