How to Become a Florida Contractor with the 1 Exam Prep Ultimate and Basic Packages

October 20, 2022
ahmad anwer

Ready to become a Florida Contractor but still not sure which 1 Exam Prep course is right for you? We caught up with Licensing expert, Chris Iberico, to talk more about test prep packages at America's #1 contracting school. Read his guidance below to learn more about the benefits of each package and the differences between them. Responses have been edited for clarity. 

Jo: Hey guys, it’s Jo here from 1 Exam Prep, and I'm here with Chris Iberrrico. We are going to talk a little bit about some of the perfect solutions that 1 Exam Prep has for your contractor preparation. Namely, our basic and ultimate packages.

Chris: Yes. First off, what we're doing very differently here at 1 Exam is we're not just helping you prepare and pass your exams. We're also really trying to focus on the aftermath when it comes to getting your license and helping you with applications. 

And then on top of that, once you get your license, we want to be able to create a database where you can connect with other contractors that you're looking to subcontract and help you get that set up. 

And so, the ultimate package is basically the same as the basic rental package. With the big key differences being that [with the ultimate package] you're going to get four bonus hours of private tutoring. This can really come in handy, especially if you feel like maybe you're not picking up on certain things as quickly as you want to, because you maybe want to take your test a bit sooner. So having private tutoring can really amp up and boost you to another bracket when it comes to learning and preparation. 

Now, for some people who are good test takers and find that they're picking up on the material a little bit quicker, set up a day where you can sit down with a private tutor. That way they can sharpen you up and you can work on areas that you're not at 100%. Maybe you're at 90% and you can get even sharper so that way you can go in and ace that sucker. 

Aside from that we're going to help you with the application. We have an amazing team here who knows exactly what they're doing. They know exactly how to fill out that paperwork. 

Additionally, we're going to put you in a database where you’ll have more access to features and benefits as we start to roll them out. Because what our main focus now is not just to help you to pass your test but to help you succeed in your new business venture.