Privacy Policy


One Exam Prep LLC (known herein as, “One Exam”) are committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of those from whom they collect personal information.


This policy establishes and communicates the key principles One Exam follows in protecting the personal information that it collects. Please note that some privacy rights and obligations may differ in certain locations based on local law, in which case One Exam will comply with the local legal requirements.


Passing rate is dependent on following the exact curriculum given by instructors, 100% in-class participation combined with online practice and tutoring assistance. In some cases, students do have to take the test more than once.


When drafting texting terms and conditions for your services, it's essential to begin by defining the nature of the texting service offered and the types of messages users will receive, such as promotional or transactional texts. Ensure that users are required to give explicit consent to receive messages by opting in through a specific mechanism, like a sign-up form or a response to a short code. Clearly communicate the frequency of messages they should expect, and inform users about potential message and data rates that may apply. It is crucial to include straightforward instructions on how users can opt out of the service at any time by sending a simple command, like "STOP," to the same number. Additionally, outline the details regarding the collection and use of personal data obtained through text interactions, referring to the privacy policy for comprehensive information. Address user responsibilities to prevent misuse, such as prohibiting the sending of certain types of content. Define the limitations of liability and detail the dispute resolution process, including arbitration procedures or applicable jurisdictions. Lastly, specify how updates to these terms will be communicated to users, ensuring transparency and compliance with legal requirements. Consulting with a legal expert is recommended to tailor these terms appropriately and ensure adherence to laws such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

Data Subject

 Is any individual about whom One Exam holds personal data.

Personal data

Personal data is any information that allows an individual to be identified directly or indirectly (e.g., name, date of birth, title, address, telephone number and email address).

Sensitive Personal Data

Sensitive Personal Data is that which, in cases of misuse, may cause unlawful or arbitrary discrimination or other serious risk to a data subject (e.g., racial or ethnic origin, nationality, political opinion, religious and philosophical beliefs, and physical or mental health conditions). Collectively, personal data and sensitive personal data are referred to as “personal information.”

Collecting and Processing Personal Information

One Exam collects and processes personal information that is necessary for legitimate business purposes, which will be disclosed to the data subject at the time of collection. One Exam will use and process this information only for the purposes for which it was collected, retaining the personal information only for so long as is required for the specific purpose for which the information was collected.

One Exam will not collect sensitive personal data except when permitted or required to do so by law, and will do so only for legitimate business purposes. If in any other instance a need arises to collect sensitive personal data, One Exam will do so only with the data subject’s express consent, which can be withdrawn at any time.

One Exam will not sell, disclose or rent personal information for direct marketing purposes.

Onward Transfer

In limited circumstances, One Exam may disclose personal information to a third party who is providing a service to One Exam. One Exam will only disclose personal information if the third party has provided satisfactory assurances to One Exam of its ability to provide appropriate and sufficient data privacy and security safeguards to protect the personal information from unauthorized disclosure, use or loss. Where One Exam learns that a third party is using or disclosing personal information in a manner contrary to this policy, One Exam will take reasonable steps to discontinue such use or disclosure.

Disclosures to third parties will be only for the purposes described in this policy, for a compatible purpose, or for a purpose authorized by the data subject.

Security of Personal Information

One Exam has organizational, physical, administrative and technical measures in place to protect the personal information the company collects and maintains. One Exam monitors to ensure that its information security program is operating in a manner to reasonably protect the personal information it collects and processes and upgrades information safeguards as necessary to limit risks of unauthorized disclosure or use.

Only authorized colleagues with a valid, work-related need may access a data subject’s personal information. In the event of a data breach, One Exam will issue breach notifications as may be required under applicable law.

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