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All Of Our Courses And Exam Prep Material Is Available 24 Hours A Day! Access The Information Whenever And As Often As You Need.
  • No Classrooms
  • No Time Schedules
  • No Pressure

We provide the tools for you to be successful on your schedule, not ours!

All the information you need at THE LOWEST PRICE for textbooks in the Industry.

All of our courses include our proven 3 point learning system unrivaled in the industry

1 Exam Prep takes pride in our students and their success. We want you to pass your exam the first time, every time in the most cost efficient way. We offer the most comprehensive, easy to follow, easy to use exam preparation techniques in the industry. We offer both State and County Licensing Exam Prep Courses throughout the State of Florida.

What You Will Receive:

Tabbing and highlighting instructions

The most comprehensive, up to date tabbing and highlighting instructions found anywhere in the industry. Our experienced instructors will provide you with more tabs, more highlights than any other exam prep school in the country. We know the material cover to cover. We show you what you need to know and where you will find it, when the pressure is on and the clock is moving.

Test taking techniques

We will guide you through proven and successful Test Taking Techniques. Learn how to manage the exam, the questions, and the clock to make it work to your advantage. With our strategies you will be efficient and effective on exam day.

Practice questions and answers

We provide our students with 1000’s of questions and answers to help you prepare for your exam. We are continually updating and adding relevant questions with answers to prepare for the current exams. Our years of experience and thorough knowledge of the subject matter and testing formats allow us to provide you with the skills needed to address each and every question on the exam.

We have helped thousands of students successfully pass State and County Licensing Exams throughout Florida and we are seriously committed in helping you!