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pass your contractor exam click here

pass your contractor exam click here

About Us

1 Exam Prep is your go-to resource for navigating and succeeding in your career as a contractor. We’re the most effective and efficient contractor exam preparation school in the industry. With contractor courses, tabbed textbooks, and online tutoring, we help you pass your contractor exams the easy way at the lowest prices in the industry.

Our application department helps you apply for your contractor license with ease! You can also get support with applications for other important business processes like registering your LLC or corporation and more.

Already licensed? 1Exam Prep's sister company, Total contractor Solutions, can help you get through the red tape and secure the required permits for your construction projects.
  • No Classrooms
  • No Time Schedules
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Get our proven 3-Point Learning System

All our contractor exam prep courses include our exclusive 3-point learning system.


Expert tabbing

Tabs and highlights are applied directly to your textbooks to point you to key info.


Test taking techniques

Learn our winning strategies on how to be the most efficient and effective on exam day.


All-new questions

Access thousands of questions and answers that are continually updated to keep you current.

Get access to our contractor courses and exam prep material 24 hours a day so you can study at times that work best for you. No classrooms. No schedules. No pressure.