Application Fee Division Two


Our Application Processing Assistance Program is the best way to apply to become a Division II  Contractor in the State of Florida. Obtaining the right assistance ensures that no steps are missed and that no documents are left out or behind.

Applying to become a Florida State Certified Contractor within Division II (see list of License types classified as Division II below) is a worthwhile process with a remunerating result. Our Application Assistance Program will deliver the guidance and knowledge you need and deserve to submit a successful application package within an efficient amount of time.  We will show you how to complete your application and documentation requirements, step by step and ensure that your application is prepared in the best of ways to facilitate a proper submission within a reasonable and efficient amount of time. Throughout the application process, you will receive one-on-one help with the successful submission of your completed application package.

Division II
A/C Class A
A/C Class B
Commercial Pool/Spa
Residential Pool/Spa
Residential Pool/Spa Service Spa
Pool/Spa Servicing
Gas Line Specialty
Glass and Glazing Specialty
Gypsum Drywall Specialty
Irrigation Specialty
Underground Utility and Excavation
Marine Specialty
Pollutant Storage
Sheet Metal
Specialty Structure
Building Demolition Specialty
Industrial Facilities Specialty
Swimming Pool Layout Specialty
Swimming Pool Structural Specialty
Swimming Pool Trim Specialty
Swimming Pool Excavation Specialty
Swimming Pool Decking Specialty
Swimming Pool Piping Specialty
Swimming Pool Finishes Specialty

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