Hurricane Nicole highlights need for licensed contractors

November 10, 2022
Johanna Viscaino

Florida is bracing for another Hurricane. This time, it’s Nicole. The tropical storm officially strengthened to a Category 1 hurricane on Wednesday, officials say. That means licensed contractors will be more in demand than ever.

Experts warn that despite the relatively low hurricane rating, the storm’s greatest damage may come in the form of devastating storm surges. Forecasts anticipate a water level rise of 3-6 feet, with some areas experiencing even higher water levels. A storm surge could leave a wide trail of destruction, not only where the hurricane makes landfall, but also hundreds of miles away.

Wind gusts between 60-80 mph are expected, with a possibility of gusts up to 100 mph. With winds of this magnitude, residents can expect damage to structures, including those already compromised by Hurricane Ian. Damage from Hurricane Nicole may include flooding, broken windows, roof damage, and more.

Following Hurricane Nicole, property owners will need licensed contractors to rebuild and repair their structures. Now is the time to begin or complete your licensing process so that you can be authorized to take on these jobs. 1 Exam Prep has the resources you need to get to work.

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