Your 4-step Guide to Becoming a Florida Contractor This Hurricane Season

Posted by Ori Gross on

With hurricane season upon us, contractors are needed even more than ever. Hurricane season is also peak season for contractors as countless homes need roof, structural, and other repairs. Getting your license is good for your community and good for your career. The process can be simple and straightforward when you have the right guidance. Here’s how you can prepare to become a contractor in four easy steps.

  1. Prepare for your exam

Preparing for your exam is key. Exams are open book, multiple choice, and completely based on your study materials.


  1. Schedule your exam.

Every contractor must pass their examinations and 1 Exam Prep can help you through the process of scheduling your exam.

  1. Submit your application

You will need to submit your application with your state in order to get your license. This application is where you will list your experience and education, so that you can quickly begin your work.

  1. Insure your company

Your company must describe the scope of work that you are licensed for in order to ensure your success.


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