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Florida Business & Finance Computer Based Examination (CBT) - Online Exam Prep Course - Pearson Vue

At 1 Exam Prep, we have the proven process of passing any open book contractor exam. With our Blended Format, we mix online basic instruction with face-to-face instruction to obtain the perfect mix for EVERY type of student who is attempting to obtain a contractors license. Our $300 course gives you:

      1. One (1) year of access to our online course & classroom classes that include updated information from feedback from our students. Our classroom classes are available to all students at no extra cost, they are included with your tuition. These classroom classes are not mandatory but are very helpful.

Business & Finance Computer Based Examination (CBT) Reference List Valid January 2017 – January 2018

The answers to the examination questions will be based on the editions listed below. Some of the questions will also be based on field experience and knowledge of trade practices. Editions earlier or later than those listed below can be brought to the examination but AT YOUR OWN RISK. However, only one copy of each reference will be allowed into the examination. Photocopies will not be allowed unless the appropriate authorities (DBPR and the publishers) have given written authorization. Hand-written and typewritten notes are NOT allowed. Existing hand-written notes must be blackened out or whitened out completely, by the candidate, prohibiting legibility. Moveable tabs (e.g., Postit Flags) are NOT allowed. You will not be permitted to make any marks in your references during the examination. Any materials other than those approved will be stored along the wall of the exam room. The Department is NOT liable for loss of or damage to candidates’ property. Candidates are advised to clearly label all belongings.


  • R5 A201 General Conditions of the Contract for Construction, 2007.
  • R6 A401 Standard Form of Agreement between Contractor-Subcontractor, 2007.
  • R7 A701 Instructions to Bidders, 1997.
  • R37 Builder's Guide to Accounting, Michael C. Thomsett, Copyright 2001.
  • R50 Contractors Manual, 2017
    |title= Online & Classroom Courses|florida-state-plumbing-contractors-trade-knowledge-online-exam-prep-course-pearson-vue|florida-business-finance-computer-based-examination-cbt-online-exam-prep-course-pearson-vue| title=Plumbing Contractors Trade Knowledge Reference List | chapter-64e-6-florida-administrative-code-standards-for-onsite-sewage-treatment-and-disposal-systems-july-16-2013|code-of-federal-regulations-osha-29-part-1926-2015-revised-july-1-2015|mathematics-for-plumbers-and-pipefitters-8th-edition|nfpa-14-standard-for-the-installation-of-standpipe-and-hose-systems-2013|nfpa-99-health-care-facilities-chapter-3-5-annex-a-c-2013|plumbers-handbook-revised|solar-water-pool-heating-manual-fsec-in-24-2006|florida-building-code-mechanical-5th-edition-2014|florida-building-code-accessibility-5th-edition-2014|florida-building-code-plumbing-5th-edition-2014|florida-building-code-residential-5th-edition-2014|2014-florida-building-code-fuel-gas|title=Business Books Only|aia-a201-general-conditions-of-the-contract-for-construction-2007|aia-a401-standard-form-of-agreement-between-contractor-subcontractor-2007|aia-a701-instructions-to-bidders-1997|builders-guide-to-accounting-revised-10th-printing-book-pre-tabbed-and-pre-highlighted|florida-contractors-manual-2017-edition|title= PREHIGHLIGHTED AND TABBED BOOK SETS|complete-book-set-for-florida-state-plumbing-exam-valid-for-january-2|pre-printed-tabs-and-highlighted-books-250|title=Blank Permanent Tabs|blank-redi-tabs-375-per-pack|title=PREPRINTED TABS ONLY|pre-printed-tabs-for-florida-state-plumbing-book-package-tabs-only|pre-printed-tabs-for-florida-state-business-finance-book-package-va|title= Preprinted Tabs & Highlight sheets|pre-printed-tabs-and-highlights-for-florida-state-plumbing-book-packag|pre-printed-tabs-and-highlights-for-florida-state-business-finance-b|title= State Application|application-fee-division-two|title= 4 hour cram courses|florida-state-plumbing-contractors-cram|florida-business-finance-computer-based-examination-cbt-online-exam-prep-course-cram-pearson-vue|


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