GITS Business Procedures Examination

GITS Business Procedures Examination

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GITS Business Procedures Exam Prep Course

Enjoy a full year of access to both the online and physical classroom to prepare for the GITS Business Procedures Examination for Florida general contractors.

Private tutoring at our Coconut Creek, FL location provides you with a distinct advantage, along with self-paced online instruction. 1ExamPrep has mastered and perfected the process of passing any open-book contractor exam for every type of student.

  • This course provides the highlighting and tabbing location for each required book, so you can quickly and easily reference your materials during the exam
  • Hundreds of practice questions help you become familiar with each reference book
  • Testing techniques that are reported to be an indispensable part of these open-book exams
  • Instructor available via text, phone, and email, as well as morning and evening classes