Introduction to Becoming a Florida Roofing Contractor

Introduction to Becoming a Florida Roofing Contractor

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Are you considering becoming a Florida Roofing Contractor?


Get started on your path to becoming a licensed Florida Roofing Contractor by learning everything you need to know with an informative introductory online course developed by experts in the field.   

Topics covered in our Introduction to Becoming a Florida Roofing Contractor course include: 

  • Introduction to 1ExamPrep 
  • Benefits of becoming a licensed Roofing Contractor
  • Steps required to get your license
  • Scope of the required exams
  • Required books for your exams
  • Sample highlights of key areas in the required books
  • Sample simulated exam practice questions
  • The next steps and how 1ExamPrep can help you get licensed  

      Take your first step toward success today!