Manual N® - Commercial Load Calculation, 5th Ed, 2008

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Manual J Residential Load Calculation (8th Edition - Full)
The New Fifth Edition (2008) of Manual N® details the load calculation procedure that addresses the advances in the commercial construction industry: new materials, methods of assembly, and operational requirements. It provides instruction to help contractors and designers satisfy new, and often conflicting, energy, ventilation, and comfort requirements.
The new Manual N is divided into four sections providing both a quick and comprehensive procedure for commercial load calculation.


  • Section 1 Abridged Procedure: Basic instructions to perform commercial load calculations, on buildings of three stories or less. Supports a simplified hand calculation.
  • Section 2 Advanced Topics: Provides enhanced procedures, capabilities, and sensitivities (requires computer software to process).
  • Section 3 Tables: Provides input for the worksheets and determinations needed for the abridged (N5ae) and full (N5) procedures.
  • Section 4 Appendices: Provides supporting materials and details on the N5ae and N5 applications...(640 pages)

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