Oklahoma Roofing Contractor Commercial Endorsement - Book Rental Package

Oklahoma Roofing Contractor Commercial Endorsement - Book Rental Package

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Book Rental Package Pricing:


*plus $1,000 refundable deposit if books are returned in similar condition within 6 months from the time they are received.

Total: $1,899.00 

Book Rental Includes:

  • Highlighted and tabbed books for business and trade exams
  • Roofing Business and Law online exam prep course 
  • Roofing Contractor Commercial Endorsement trade online exam prep course 
  • 6 month book rental period and access to courses

    ***This is a special order item. Please allow 15 business days for your books to be tabbed and highlighted***

    This book rental package includes all the required books for the Oklahoma Roofing Contractor Commercial Endorsement and Roofing Business and Law open book examinations already pre-tabbed and highlighted to help you quickly and easily navigate through the books during your exam.  

    The complete set of highlighted and tabbed Oklahoma Roofing Contractor Commercial Endorsement exam books includes: 

    1. NASCLA Contractors' Guide to Business, Law and Project Management, Basic 14th
    2. Oklahoma Roofing Contractor Registration Act, Oklahoma Statutes, Title 59, Section 1151
    3. Oklahoma Roofing Contractor Regulations, Oklahoma Administrative Code, Title 158, Chapter 85
    4. Oklahoma Fine Schedule of the Construction Industries Board, Oklahoma Administrative Code, Title 158, Chapter 10
    5. Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Act, Oklahoma Statutes, Title 85A, Chapter 1
    6. Oklahoma Lien Law, Oklahoma Statutes, Title 42, Chapter 3
    7. Architectural Sheet Metal Manual, 2012
    8. International Building Code, 2018
    9. NRCA Roofing Manual: Membrane Roofing Systems, 2023
    10. NRCA Roofing Manual: Architectural Metal Flashing Condensation and Air Leakage Control, and Reroofing, 2022
    11. NRCA Roofing Manual: Steep Slope Roof Systems, 2021
    12. NRCA Roofing Manual: Metal Panel and SPF Roof Systems, 2024
    13. Code of Federal Regulations - 29 CFR Part 1926 (OSHA), with latest available amendments