PSI New Jersey Alarm System Contractor Examination

PSI New Jersey Alarm System Contractor Book Package

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The book package includes the following:

NFPA 70 National Electrical Code, 2017 Edition

The remaining references will not be provided at the test center; you will need to bring your own copy.

NFPA 72 National Fire Alarm Code, 2013

NTC Yellow Book: CCTV and Video Systems Design and Installation, 2006

NTC Blue Book: Security System Design and Installation, 2009 Print

CCTV from Light to Pixels, 3rd edition, 2014,

Candidates are responsible for bringing their own references to the examination center. Reference materials may be highlighted, underlined, and/or indexed prior to the examination session. However, references may not be written in. Any candidate caught writing in the references during the examination will have the references confiscated and will be reported to the Board. Furthermore, candidates are not permitted to bring in any additional papers (loose or attached) with their approved references. Any additional materials will be removed from the references and confiscated. References may be tabbed/indexed with permanent tabs only. Temporary tabs, such as Post-It notes, are not allowed and must be removed from the reference before the exam will begin.


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