Electrical Testing Company Info

Below is the testing company information you will need concerning your exam.

The answers to the examination questions will be based on the editions listed below. Some of the questions will also be based on field experience and knowledge of trade practices. Editions earlier or later than those listed below can be brought to the examination but AT YOUR OWN RISK. However, ONLY ONE COPY of each reference will be allowed into the examination.

Photocopies will not be allowed unless the appropriate authorities (DBPR and the publishers) have given written authorization. Hand-written and typewritten notes are NOT allowed. Existing handwritten notes must be blackened out or whitened out completely, by the candidate, prohibiting legibility. Moveable tabs (e.g., Post-it® Flags) are NOT allowed. You will not be permitted to make any marks in your references during the examination.

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The Technical/Safety section will no longer be a paper and pencil examination. Starting November 2008, the Technical/Safety section will be offered as a computer based examination thorough the department?s current vendor Pearson VUE. The examination fee for the Technical/Safety is .00 and is payable directly to the vendor by the candidate at the time the exam is scheduled. The technical/safety section is designed to measure how well a candidate has mastered the fundamentals of electrical contracting and to measure his or her ability to interpret and apply the appropriate sections ofthe National Electrical Code (N.E.C.) and other applicable references to practical problems. The questions have been designed so that a person who has the required minimum ability to use theN.E.C. and the necessary background knowledge of electrical contracting will find it easy to select the correct answer. A person who is not familiar with electrical contracting and cannot use the N.E.C. will find it hard to guess the correct answer for any question because they present the candidate with a choice of common misconceptions, common faults, incorrect practices, or plausible nonsense. Therefore, the candidate should read each question thoroughly and carefully and select the best answer to the question. Each question has only one correct answer, which will be graded as the correct answer to the question.

All examinations consist of multiple-choice questions.

In certain areas (e.g., Section 220-10(b)) the N.E.C. stipulates a standard procedure that should be followed in normal circumstances while also permitting alternate procedures or exceptions in other circumstances. If the question does not obviously call for the application of an alternate procedure or 4 exception, the candidate should apply the provision of the N.E.C. in accordance with the procedures stipulated for normal circumstances.


Examination Outline

The Electrical Contractors Certification exam is offered in two parts: a Business section (50 scored test questions, 2  hours) and a Technical/Safety section (100 scored test questions, 5 1/2 hours). These two examination parts may include five or more additional pilot questions that will not be scored for or against you. Both parts are open-book exams.

The questions are based on the content outlines listed on the following pages which are separated for each examination. Candidates should use appropriate content outlines when studying the suggested references provided later in this booklet. It is suggested that each candidate become familiar with using the references, so that s/he can find the information necessary to answer the questions within a minimal amount of time. Candidates are strongly encouraged to bring the references for their specific specialty to the exam site to be used during the examination. A list of the acceptable references for each specialty is provided in this booklet.

Technical/Safety Examinations - Unlimited Electrical Contractor

Open Book

(This Part Required of All Certifications)

Time limit: 5 hours and 30 minutes

Exam Specifications

Subjects Question Amount
General Theory and Electrical Principles 19 - 21
Plan and Specification Reading and Interpretation 07 - 09
Wiring and Protection 13 - 15
Wiring Methods and Materials 11 - 13
Special Occupancies and Situations 13 - 15
OSHA, Safety, Procedures for Testing and Use of Tools and Equipment 08 - 10
Life Safety and Americans with Disabilities Act 04 - 06
Electrical Signs, Outline Lighting, and Structural Considerations 08 - 10
Alarms/ Limited Energy 14 - 16
Total Number of Questions 100