Palm Beach County Certificate of Competency Application Processing

Palm Beach County Certificate of Competency Application Processing

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Our Application Processing Assistance Program is the best way to apply to become a Certificate of Competency Holder in Palm Bach County, Florida. Obtaining the right assistance ensures that no steps are missed and that no documents are left out or behind.

The county of Palm Beach has one of the most detail-oriented application processes in the state. Applicants are required to provide a multitude of verifiable information and documentation. All of this process can be simplified with assistance from our Application Processing Assistance Program. We will guide you step by step and ensure that your application is prepared in the best of ways to facilitate a proper submission within a reasonable and efficient amount of time.

NOTE: Our Application Assistance Fee does NOT include the application processing fee required by the County Licensing Board. Separate check(s) or money order(s) made payable to the Licensing Board will be required to submit your application(s).